Subversion access

If you are interested in using the bleeding edge version of the C&C tools then you can access our Subversion repository. Even if you haven't used Subversion before (or any other version control system) it is easy to setup read access to the repository.

The first step is to register as a C&C tools user. If you have already registered to download the stable releases then you can use the same email address and password.

Checking out the repository

To checkout the latest version of the repository use the following Unix command:

% svn co candc

(the % just represents your Unix prompt).

The last argument is the name of the directory you want to put the repository into. We are using candc for this example, but you can use any name.

You will then be asked for a password using your current Unix username (here username):

Authentication realm: <> C&C NLP Tools (SVN WebDAV)
Password for 'username':

Just press Enter and you will be asked for another username. You should use the email address you used to register for the tools, and then the password that you were sent by the registration system:

Authentication realm: <> C&C NLP Tools (SVN WebDAV)
Password for '':

You should then see the files in the repository being listed:

A    candc/LICENCE.txt
A    candc/src/data/ccg/cats/trVP_to
A    candc/Makefile.cfg
A    candc/Makefile
 U   candc

You are now ready to follow the building and installation instructions.

Updating the repository

To get the latest updates to a repository you have already checked out you can use the Subversion update command from within your repository directory:

% cd candc
% svn up

If you haven't changed anything in the repository this should go smoothly; you should see the list of modified, deleted and added files appear on the terminal, and then you just need to rebuild the tools. If you have changed any of the source code or Makefiles you may get a conflict (indicated by a C in the first column of the list of updated files). You will need to resolve the conflict before rebuilding the tools.

Checking back in

Registering does not allow you to check your changes back into our repository. If you are interested in contributing to the project, please send us an email at so we can add you to the group of developers.

More about Subversion

There is an excellent online book (and equivalent O'Reilly paper version) describing the use of Subversion in detail.